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Socially Necessary Labor Time

All the stuff we ordered online is here!!!!
New Homeowner: Pretending to read the safety instructions, 2013 
Having a job and making money distracts people from hating capitalism.

Surveillance footage of area around tripod

Caution Tape:  Household Balance Sheet (Financial Assets, Financial Liabilities, Real Assets, Net Worth)

Short Dream (Blurry Butts)

Caught reading Artforum in my studio, 2012

Possible swing voters

Different Strategies of Coping with a Complex and Unpredictable World:  A Pessimistic Half Empty Glass of Water Spills Optimistically 

Riot shield with complex mathematical equation used in financial markets containing derivative investment instruments
Riot shield and paint
36 x 20 inches

Reification: Mitt Romney jeans

distracting hot dog